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About us

Trinity Fitness started in a garage in 2008 when one person said, “I’m ready for a change! Can you help me?” That person was Wendy Palmisano and the person she asked was her husband, Jason. And so the journey began.
Their garage quickly filled with people desiring positive change and Trinity Fitness was born; A gym that inspires people through group fitness to get in the best spiritual and physical shape of their lives.

Trinity Fitness has since expanded to multiple commercial locations and has become a gym that helps people embrace positive change for their lives. From the Division I athlete to the Biggest Loser contestant there is a place for you at Trinity Fitness.


Trinity Fitness is a 501c(3) non profit organization made possible through charitable giving.



Welcome to Trinity Fitness North Cobb. Our unique gym is positive, encouraging, and life changing. Whether you are a division 1 athlete or the biggest loser contestant, Trinity Fitness will be a catalyst for positive change in your life! Come as you are and let us help you reach your goals both physically and spiritually.


Simply choose the class time that best fits your schedule and arrive 15 minutes early for your first class so you can meet your trainer and discuss your needs. Before arriving to your first class please create an account for yourself by clicking the link below. See you soon!

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Not only is our volunteer training staff qualified to help you attain your fitness goals, they are ready to pray with you and help you along your spiritual journey as well. All of our trainers have true servant’s hearts!
Joy Funk
Facility Director


Bio Coming Soon.

Vincent Agustin
Bri Agustin
Isaac Bloxson

I grew up in Fort Walton Beach, FL. I married my wife Ali in October 2006 and we have three children; Ethan, Ava and Lydia.

After graduating high school, I was hired on in IT for a Defense Contractor where I worked for 10 years as a Systems Administrator. After leaving my defense contractor job, I took a job working at a church called Beachside (a part of Northpoint) where I led a team of 30 as a Service Programming Director. After 3 years I went back into IT and moved to Marietta, this time in healthcare as a Technical Services Engineer Manager where I lead a team of 3. We setup infrastructure for our insulin recommendation software to be installed in hospitals across the world.
I grew up playing soccer and 15 years of weightlifting. I also come from a CrossFit background of 7 years where I also was a trainer.

A friend of mine from my church small group told me about Trinity Fitness North Cobb. I went with him and instantly loved it. It had all the movements and workouts I was used to, but what made all the difference to me was the spiritual aspect of it.

Cris Jackson
Heather Kauffman
Nathan Sargent
Kelli Schrader
Jeremy Whitehead


Our sponsors are incredible men, women and businesses in our community who believe in the mission and vision of Trinity Fitness. We are eternally grateful for the generosity of all our sponsors that help bridge the gap in our monthly budget. Contact Joy Funk for more information at 404-312-2437 or joy@trinity-fitness.org.







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